Kenya: The ‘Journeys’ of Peace’ Project

The Journeys’ of Peace project makes traditional peace materials and cultures accessible to the people to whom they belong. The guiding vision of the project is to use both tangible and intangible cultural heritage to “empower and transform communities…in the realization and respect of human rights, peaceful coexistence and sustainable
human development.

The project’s main objectives:

  • Overcoming challenges and creating strenghts by bringing together communities
  • Empowering women by including them
  • Bridging generations by creating a dialogue between the elders of a community and its young people



As part of the one-year project three workshops were held, two in Nairobi and one in Nyeri, at which curators and volunteers shared experiences and learning. The workshops were opportunities for training and capacity building in the use of IT and social media thereby strengthening the channels of communication within the network, and creating a platform for sustainable cooperation.


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