The museum is located in a small industrial town with one of the Bosnian UNESCO world heritage sites (necropolis with medieval tombstones – stećci) that is placed in the valley of Drina and near...› Read more
An international museum conference titled “Meet, See, Do” attended by around 100 museum and heritage professionals from 13 countries was be held from 6 to 8 April 2017 in the premises of the Museum...› Read more
Museologists, individuals from civil society organisations or academia from the Balkans are invited to apply with workshop ideas for the fifth Balkan Museum Network’s annual conference “Meet, See, Do” The conference will be held between...› Read more
On November 25th, on the Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 30 children from Sarajevo kindergarten classes visited the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina – an institution which has been housing our country’s...› Read more
The preservation of cultural and historical heritage of any country is an obligation and duty of the entire society. Valuable heritage that bear witness to the creation, development, life of people, tradition and history...› Read more
Are you a museum from the western Balkans? And you want to cooperate with other museums or civil society organizations or artists in solving a problem of your local community? If you would like...› Read more