The Temple of Culture Lives Again

The preservation of cultural and historical heritage of any country is an obligation and duty of the entire society. Valuable heritage that bear witness to the creation, development, life of people, tradition and history of a society are extremely important to its future and progress.

More than 120 years, The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina has nurtured cultural, historical and natural wealth of all citizens of our country, Europe and the world.

From 4th October 2012 to 15th September 2015 due to unresolved legal status and regular finance of this institution, The National Museum of BiH has been closed to the public. With this act, all visitors have lost the right to enjoy and access valuable artifacts that bear witness to the history and cultural heritage of our country.

Despite the fact that rights of the employees of the National Museum of BiH were violated in this period, they continued to protect the priceless treasure that is preserved in this institution. Every day in the past three years, the employees have been coming to work and preserving artifacts in the museum.

In this period, different initiatives and discussions were led about reopening of the museum once major problems have been solved. In September 2015 as the result of the public pressure and the campaign #iamthemuseum that has been organized by the association “Action” from Sarajevo, doors of this museum have again been opened to the public.

Reopening of The National Museum of BiH, the biggest and oldest cultural and scientific institution in our country is extremely important for each individual. Heritage preserved in The National Museum of BiH evidences rich and diverse history, culture and identity of all the people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Furthermore, reopening of the museums is important for the protection of common heritage as well as the future of culture, art and heritage of all ethnic groups living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The National Museum of BiH and CHwB have initiated their successful cooperation already in the year 2000, and the cooperation is ongoing. In that respect, CHwB will in various ways continue to support the work of The National Museum of BiH and cooperate with museum professionals from this and other museums, with the aim to protect, preserve and promote cultural heritage.

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