The importance of preserving cultural diversity

With the aim to mark European Heritage Days and European Mobility Week, Cultural Heritage without Borders – CHwB Bosnia and Herzegovina has organised two events, pointing out to the importance of cultural diversity and healthy life style.

On Saturday 24 September 2016, CHwB will organise bicycle tour “Tour de Culture BiH“, that aims at promotion of valuable cultural, historical and natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as non-motorised transportation and the protection of the natural environment. Around one hundred citizens will take part in this year’s “Tour de Culture BiH“ which is going to be held in the area of three towns, Bosanska Krupa, Cazin and Bihac. This is the second event of this kind organised by the CHwB in our country.

In order to demonstrate the social importance of museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina, CHwB has provided advisory and expert support in designing and setting up the first permanent exhibition of newly established Gorazde regional museum in the Centre for Culture in Gorazde. The exhibition tells a story of life of its citizens during 1992 – 1995 period and it is open to the public.

We consider it very important to raise awareness about the diverse cultural heritage of our country, its valuable sites, traditions, folklore, gastronomy, music and other cultural heritage. Awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage contributed to raising the responsibility and the duty of each individual to cherish it, preserve and protect.

European Heritage Days are marked throughout Europe with different programme aiming at awareness raising about the cultural heritage diversity, respecting differences and the importance of cultural heritage protection, as well as raising the tolerance and the fight against racism and xenophobia. This year’s theme of the European Heritage Days is “Cultural heritage and communities”. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Heritage Days are marked in Olovo, Bijeljina and Banja Luka.

European Mobility Week is awareness raising campaign about the importance of using the public transportation, riding bicycles, and encouraging European cities to promote these transportation means and healthy life style. It is marked between 16-22 September.

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