“1+1, Life and Love” exhibition in City Museum of Zenica

On 31st January 2014,  exhibition developed by 11 founding members of the Balkan Museum Network,” 1+1, Life & Love” was opened in City Museum of Zenica. Joint exhibition, special in its making and showcasing, has returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina, after its opening in Museum Gustavianum at Uppsala University.

In 2011, across Balkans eleven venues simultaneously hosted 11 exhibitions that ware telling the unique story about love and life in different styles using various expressions, materials and methods. Every museum, joined in Balkan Museum Network supported by Swedish organization Cultural Heritage without Borders, selected a part of their exhibition striving to choose segments which will on one side be representation of their interpretation on life and love and on the other hand become a puzzle piece that will click with ten other aspects of mutual story.

Made by eleven different museums in six Balkan countries, exhibition 1+1: Life and Love present other Balkan, people sharing a rich, diverse heritage that exceed boundaries, histories and identities. Choosing the values common to all of us 1+1 project was realized with a desire to share and bind. Interpreting concepts of universal relevance, assorting terms and emotions, authors of the exhibition discovered ways to talk about different kinds of passion, various journeys, virtues of earth, emphasis of hand-making, importance of together and beauty of differentiation in the similarities.

(Re) moving the boundaries and meeting in Life and Love we outgrowth initial idea wich rise from form a desire to preserve and celebrate common heritage of the western Balkans. As we ware and still are, we hope exhibition visitors will be inspired to make their own step toward themselves and toward meeting people of Balkan region.

Pictures from the opening can be viewed here.


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