Kindergarten Children Celebrate National BiH Day

On November 25th, on the Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 30 children from Sarajevo kindergarten classes visited the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina – an institution which has been housing our country’s rich cultural and historical heritage for the past 127 years.

The visit was organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) and the Public Institution titled “Children of Sarajevo”. This even was organized with the help of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Children ages five to six years old visited the National Museum’s Department of Ethnology and Department of Natural History, where museum staff explained the extremely valuable and rare objects that the country’s oldest cultural and scientific institution houses.

This visit to the National Museum is one of many activities that CHwB has organized in cooperation with “Children of Sarajevo”.

“The youngest members of our society are who we want to approach, when it comes to explaining importance of our common cultural heritage and identity. It is extremely important that younger generations learn about our rich cultural, historical and natural heritage, as they will take care of priceless cultural treasure in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world, in the future. We believe that investing in the younger generation is an investment in a better future for all of us, “said Adisa Džino-Šuta, director of CHwB in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the visit, the children saw an exceptionally valuable collection of birds, mammals, minerals, invertebrates, as well as a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and culture of urban populations of our country in the 19th century.

To mark this important date in our country’s history and to show appreciation for the National Museum, the children prepared a symbolic program.

“The visit to the National Museum is one of the activities that we have implemented with CHwB. All activities for our kids are organized so they can learn about cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a very important part of the overall education that contributes to the full development of a preschool child,” said Jasmina Čongo, director of “Children of Sarajevo”.

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