International Archaeology Day marked in Sarajevo

Archaeology association „Panteon“ and Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) celebrated International Archaeology Day on 17th October 2015 in Sarajevo.

Volunteers dressed as Roman legionaries and in Roman traditional clothing walked in the town center in order to promote this important international day and archaeology. In a short presentation, people learned about archaeology, its values, and archaeological sites and discoveries in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the last couple of years.

„We wanted to mark a day of our profession and make our work more accessible to the local and regional public,“ stated Adisa Lepić of the Association „Panteon“.

For the fifth year in a row, International Archaeology Day was marked across the world. On this day many organizations and institutions prepare interesting events for young and older generations in order to inform broader population about archaeology and to understand its great importance for the past and the present.

Archaeology association „Panteon“ is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation established in 2014 by a dozen young students of archaeology, history and art history. The mission of this association is to strengthen awareness about culture and history among people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region through organizing different events.

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