DISCO 2014: Bosnia and Herzegovina Preliminary results

The „Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-14“ (DISCO 2014) project has continued this year. The project investigates the archaeological labour market in over 20 European countries, and CHwB is undertaking the research for the project within Bosnia and Herzegovina. All data has been collected and analysed, and the report will be published in the Summer of 2014. Preliminary results show that approximately 60 people are employed to work with the archaeological heritage of BiH (across the civil service, museums, NGOs, academia and other institutions), and that a significant proportion of these have graduated from the 2 archaeological degree programmes established within the country in recent years.

Also revealed is the fact that there is a fairly even gender split in the field, with approximately 46% of archaeological workers being female. However, access to the archaeological labour market for persons with physical disabilities remains limited – a trans-European trend that needs to be addressed.

Although institutions employing archaeologists were generally satisfied with the performance of entry-level staff in archaeological positions, results revealed that archaeological workers were less satisfied with the condition of the archaeological profession in BiH than they were when comparable data was last collected in 2009-10.

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