Cultural heritage is a common legacy of all citizens of BiH

Damir Imamovic and a group of citizens of BiH joint in preservation of cultural heritage

The artist and ambassador of cultural heritage, Damir Imamovic, and Emir Softic from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, have taken part in the restoration of Isa-Bey Hamam in Sarajevo together with the group of health workers, high school professors and principals, as well as students and journalists. The workshop at Isa-Bey Hamam is just one of the activities implemented by the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), as part of the project “Make It Yours!“. The aim of the project “Make It Yours!“ is to increase awareness about the importance of cultural heritage as a common legacy of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the theoretical part of the workshop, Damir Imamovic and Emir Softic delivered lectures on tangible and intangible cultural heritage of BiH. During the practical part of the workshop participants from various professions restored part of the facade of Isa-Bey Hammam, and in this way contributed to the restoration of the cultural monument.

“Implementing different activities of this project, we want to raise awareness about various and rich cultural heritage of BiH, as well as its universal values. With the help of Damir Imamovic’s and Emir Softic’s extremely interesting lectures at the first workshop participants have learned more about the heritage of BiH. Participating in the construction work inside the Hamam, the participants left their mark on this building of cultural significance,“ emphasized Arijana Mandić, project coordinator at Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders.

“If I can contribute to more people discovering ‘sevdah’ as a cultural heritage of this region, through my concerts, research and education, it gives me great pleasure. My wish is to transform the knowledge about ‘sevdah’ so it can continue developing as a musical and poetic genre,“ said Damir Imamovic after his lecture on ‘sevdah’ as intangible cultural heritage.


Many activities will be implemented during 2014 and 2015 as the part of the project “Make It Yours!“ with various social groups and aiming to increase ownership (connection) to cultural heritage, providing the framework for dialogue on heritage, culture and identity. The project “Make It Yours!“ is funded by European Union within the program “Sarajevo 2014“.

The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders is Swedish non-governmental organisation established in 1995 as reaction to aid needed in restoration of cultural heritage damaged during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation nowadays has offices in Sweden, BiH, Kosovo, Albania, as well as different projects focused on preservation and protection of cultural heritage worldwide.

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