“COOLtural Heritage” promotes rich and diverse heritage

In order to promote valuable and diverse cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to draw the attention on the importance of the preservation of the common heritage, the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders Bosnia and Herzegovina (CHwB BiH) has launched a new web portal titled “Cooltural heritage”  – www.coolbastina.ba

At the web portal “Cooltural Heritage” we would publish news, interviews, feature stories, photo reportages, and similar. The web portal will present the articles about significant cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other countries; young creative individuals whose work is inspired by the common heritage and who find the preservation of inherited treasures of high importance; on important monuments; traditional crafts; on the essential roles that museums play in the heritage preservation, etc.

The important part of the web portal is “The Heritage Map” which provides the information about different heritage sites across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every person can contribute to mapping of the cultural heritage sites by simply filling in the form available on this web portal.

“The role of every person is important in preservation and protection of inherited heritage. We are surrounded by very rich heritage, which we rarely notice. Each of these sites has a special story that speaks about our society, and us and has an exceptional cultural and historical value,” said Adisa Džino Šuta, the Head of the CHwB BiH.

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