CHwB BiH participated at the largest archaeologists conference ever

Through the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe (DISCO) project the two representatives’ of CHwB Bosnia and Herzegovina participated at the 20th European Association of Archaeologists conference which was held in Istanbul from 10-14 September, 2014.

The 20th EAA conference was hosted by Istanbul Technical University and has been the largest ever with more than 2,300 participants, 150 sessions, six themes and over 2,000 papers and presentations.

On the second day of the conference, CHwB’s project manager, Andrew Lawler and intern, Halid Lepan delivered a presentation on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: Creating an Archaeological ‘Profession’ from the Ground Up”.

In the presentation Lawler and Lepan gave an overview of the results of the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe’s Bosnia & Herzegovina component, highlighting some of the main social and legislative problems facing the development of the archaeological profession in the country in recent years, and posting a question of how these issues can be overcome.

DISCO 2012-14 is a transnational project, examining archaeological employment and barriers to transnational mobility within archaeology across twenty-one European countries, resulting in National reports in partners’ local languages and English on archaeological employment and skills, as well as a Transnational Report, investigating supranational issues in 12 core areas where key data was collected by participating states. It is undertaken with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

During the conference, partner meeting within DISCO project was also held.

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