Children’s Park Inspired by Cultural Heritage

The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) will built in Kresevo a children’s park inspired by cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The park is called Stecko’s Magical Park.

Stecko’s Magical Park will be built next to the children’s kindergarten “Happiness” in this town. This park is part of a project with the same title, which also includes creative workshop designed for children about cultural heritage of our country and the importance of recycling.

CHwB’s partner in this project is the company dm drogerie markt. In order to mark the 10-year anniversary of dm drogerie markt in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company opened a call for all citizens to apply with projects to the initiative {TOGETHER} for better tomorrow. From 445 posted applications, only 10 were picked for DM to sponsor. One of the picked projects is Stecko’s Magical Park.

“Stecko’s Magical Park is the first park that CHwB plans to make in our country. The inspiration for this park and workshop in the kindergarten was found in a rich cultural heritage, children and their imagination. We consider children in the kindergarten to be our young and true keepers of cultural heritage, which will become our grand advocates in the protection and preservation of our common cultural treasures,” said Aida Vezic, deputy director of CHwB.

The project Stecko’s Magical Park will be implemented from  August to November 2016. The children of the “Happiness” kindergarten in Kresevo will receive a park that is composed of different elements, including swing sets, playhouses, slides and seesaws. These elements are inspired by old bridges, folklore, centuries old mills in Jajce, the Kresevo carsija (old town), and natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In some parts of the park, recycled material will be used. CHwB has started an activity in order to collect recycled material which will last from August 18th to September 18th, 2016. CHwB calls upon all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to donate recycled material (rubber tires, wooden planks, paint etc.) to the park and this way contribute to creating better conditions for the life and development of the children, and preserving the environment.

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