Flood Damage Assessment Mission

A large number of cultural heritage assets have been damaged after the biggest deluge in recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to assess the extent of damage on tangible and intangible cultural heritage in those areas, the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) will implement Flood Damage Assessment Mission on cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This project started in July 2014 and is funded by “Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development” and “Cultural Emergency Response”.

As part of the project, CHwB team with CHwB’s Regional Restoration Camp Alumni volunteers will conduct a research mission in areas affected by floods and landslides in the north part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. CHwB team will develop further recommendations for a short term and long term restoration plan for the conservation and repair of historic buildings after flooding.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, CHwB’s research mission will be focused on municipalities of Maglaj, Doboj, Novi Grad/Bosanski Novi, Olovo, Prijedor, Sanski Most and Zavidovići, where floods and landslides have made the biggest damage.

The flood has affected umpteen historic buildings, museums, archives, archaeological sites, cultural and natural landscapes, historic landmarks, as well as many cultural events, festivals and other gatherings around the region.

This mission will start a process of the systematic recording and documenting a long-term protection and presentation of the cultural, historical and natural heritage and it would serve as a model for documenting on this kind of buildings.