Announcing the 2019 Regional Restoration Camps! The CHwB Regional Restoration Camps represent a simple, successful, scalable training model, which grew, from 2007 to 2019, from a few students in Albania to multiple sessions in...› Read more
CHwB’s 18th Regional Restoration Camp is being held July 12 – 26 in the beautiful city of Jajce, near the Pliva Lakes, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around forty students and young professionals are participating in...› Read more
Are you a former Camp participant looking to stay involved with the Regional Restoration Camps? Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with a new group of eager participants? CHwB is looking...› Read more
This year, CHwB will be hosting a new series of 5 Regional Restoration Camps across the Western Balkans. The 16th through 20th Regional Restoration Camps will provide participants with engaging lectures and hands-on experience...› Read more