Tag:Emergency Conservation

The emergency situation that Gjirokastra’s cultural monuments are facing was the focus of the workshop organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) and hosted in the Stone City, this Friday. Organized in the framework of...› Read more
  There is a clear difference between what Gjirokastra is and what it could be. The city’s great potential is rapidly fading away, with monuments abandoned, roofs without maintenance and houses falling to ruin....› Read more
The story of Gurgai house, one focus of CHwB’s current efforts, is the story of many beautiful, historic houses in Gjirokastra. Located next to the historic bazaar, the property once included two main tower...› Read more
Cultural Heritage without Borders has started implementation of “Gjirokastra: Where the Change Begins”, a project that is taking a new approach to saving Gjirokastra’s tower houses. The initiative is being financed by Prince Claus...› Read more
During the winter of 2012, the community of Voskopoja experienced record snowfall, which caused the partial collapse of the roof of St. Nicholas Church. The church is the best and most complete of the...› Read more