Together in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina with the 18th Regional Restoration Camp

CHwB’s 18th Regional Restoration Camp is being held July 12 – 26 in the beautiful city of Jajce, near the Pliva Lakes, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around forty students and young professionals are participating in the camp. This time around, they are from Greece, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Romania.

pliva lakes

View from the old mills situated on Pliva Lakes, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The main topics covered by the theoretical part of the camp are based on broad conservation issues, heritage interpretation and the importance of providing tools for owners/caretakers for regular maintenance of cultural heritage sites.

As part of the program, participants will engage actively in hands-on work to restore the old mills situated on the Pliva Lakes (Plivska Jezera). In addition, during their two-week stay, besides getting to know the historical areas of Jajce, participants will conduct visits to several heritage sites located in Travnik and Zenica.


During the visit in the old fortress of Jajce city, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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