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The public consultation phase for the action plan for Spaç, compiled by the participants of the three ‘Dialogues for Spaç’ workshops, began on February 2. The public consultation, which will last until February 20, 2015, is an important step in the process. It aims to collect feedback and comments from the public, especially from those who were politically persecuted, as well as from the younger generations, thus continuing the conceptual line of the ‘Dialogues for Spaç’.

In order to facilitate the process of expressing and collecting feedback, you can participate in the public consultation in 3 ways:

For more detailed information about the action plan, you can read the full report by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for contributing your thoughts through one of the ways above, and please do not hesitate to share this information with your friends, colleagues and family.

Update: Participation in the public consultation was characterized by a high proportion of responses from ex-politically persecuted persons (90% of responses). In general, the results of the public consultation are in the same spirit as the work that was done during the Dialogues for Spaç. 

Below, you can read some of the most interesting findings:
Spaç public consultation infographic_eng
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