Return to Rogljevo for the 17th Regional Restoration Camp

The second Regional Restoration Camp (RRC) in Serbia has started! Students and young professional from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia and United Kingdom are attending this 17th edition overall of the RRC-s.

As a continuation of the last year’s Camp in Rogljevo, this year’s program focuses on the key basic knowledge on restoration and practical interventions on several wine cellars in the village.

The theoretical part of the Camp incorporates principles, tools and techniques of documentation, interpretation, touristic development, traditional materials and building techniques as well as management of cultural heritage.

rogljevo 1

Rand Eppich (conservation architect, Tecnalia) demonstrates photographic techniques for documenting cultural heritage Rogljevo, Serbia

The hands-on work is articulated around plastering of wooden walls surfaces of wine cellar 113 with mud plaster and the partial restoration of the roofs of wine cellars number 71 & 79.

Dragana Kojicic demonstrating how to apply the mud plaster to the structure ,Rogljevo Serbia

Day 9 of the Camp will take the participants to the archaeological site of Gamzigrad and to the wine cellars of Rajac.

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