New interpretative installations for the Castle of Gjirokastra

Aiming at improving the overall experience of the visitors at the castle of Gjirokastra, CHwB Albania developed its full interpretation plan. The most visited site in the city now offers detailed information on its history, its cultural and natural heritage, serving as an invitation to further explore the region.


The project focuses on the natural as well as cultural interpretation of the castle in Gjirokastra, key to the socio-economic development of the city and its historical center.

These installations were developed in close consultation with historians, biologists (in the case of natural heritage), interpretation experts, architects, graphic designers, archaeologists, translators, local stakeholders, heritage authorities and future audiences and with input and feedback from main local and national stakeholders: DRKK-Gjirokastër and the Fato Berberi Children’s Cultural Center, Gjirokastra Municipality and Institute of Monuments of Culture.

PanelPanelCombined with the interpretive approach that emphasizes thematic ideas as the main learning objective, rather than memorizing facts, the output is a multi-layered introduction to the historical and natural significance of the castle.

A total of 19 interpretative panels, 9 orientation panels and 16 safety panels, as well as 1 banner and 1 interactive panel, together with handrails for 2 sets of stairs and lighting for 3 separate locations, were placed in the castle.

Panel timeline

More than 100.000 visitors of the castle during 2018 had the chance to interact with the new panels and visit new places of the castle by make use of the hand rails and lights.


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