“Make it Yours” Engages Young People in Cultural Heritage

makeityoursberatIn the frame of the “Make it Yours” project, funded by the US Embassy in Tirana and the Swedish Government, a cultural heritage workshop was organized in the museum-city of Berat.

makeityoursberat6-2On September 26, 2016, CHwB Albania organized a daily activity to recognize and raise awareness of the ensemble of cultural heritage values of Berat. 15 members of the US Embassy Youth Council Albania (USEYC) wore helmets, gloves and goggles and participated in small restoration works.



The participants had the opportunity to listen to a lecture of the Executive Director of CHwB Albania, Lejla Hadzic, and to assist in monumental houses restoration under the guidance of experienced craftspeople from Berat. Symbolically, they helped in the preservation of Berati values. Divided in three groups, they worked with the stone master Xhoxhi Fani, Berati houses façade master Rasim Shuko and the wood master Vladimir Poçi. USEYC members interacted very well with the participants of the 30st regional Restoration Camp , an activity that took place in Berat for two weeks.

makeityoursberat2For Fjoralba Caka, lecturer and President of USEYC, these kinds of activities are welcomed. “Our members were engaged and had fun from “Make it Yours” activity and the experience at the CHwB Albania’s restoration camps. I hope this is the first of much other successful collaborations”, she said. Xheni Hatillari, member of the Council, in front of local media cameras expressed her belief that youth engagement will increase the interest on cultural heritage and it will help in preserving and promoting it.

makeityoursberat6At the end of the day, the young restorers of CHwB Albania restoration camp, carved the logo of USEYC in stone and gave it to the friends from Tirana. “Make it yours” aims to see monuments of culture and heritage in general from different perspectives. Through this project CHwB Albania wants to  increase the sense of belonging of the citizens of Albania toward heritage, but also face them with prejudices and misconceptions toward heritage.

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