Last Heritage Atelier of 2014

Babameto Heritage Atelier

In total, 32 fourth-grade children and 2 teachers from Urani Rumbo School in Gjirokastra took part in a heritage atelier on December 11. The atelier was held inside the Babameto house, a first category monument recently restored by CHwB. For the first part of the day, the children went with CHwB staff and local professionals to visit and talk about all of the different beautiful rooms in this big house. Later, they tried their hand at rebuilding what they had just seen with their own eyes.

The children were able to work with a scale paper model of the Babameto house, designed and produced by CHwB for the E KA KUSH E KA children’s activity collection. With enthusiasm and precision, they put together all of the pieces of the house to form a harmonious whole. In the end, children and adults could say all together that the future of traditional architecture in Gjirokastra is in their hands.

Babameto Heritage AtelierThis is the last children’s heritage atelier of 2014. This year, CHwB organized 6 atelier for more than 170 children, aged 4-11, coming from kindergartens and schools in places like Gjirokastra, Kruja and Tirana. We greeted wholeheartedly more than 30 participants from the staff of these kindergartens and schools, who shared with us their passion and desire to introduce children to cultural heritage from a young age. E KA KUSH E KA and the heritage ateliers are initiatives that aim to offer appropriate, fun and educational materials and methodologies for children, parents and teachers.

The children’s heritage ateliers will continue in 2015.

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