Heritage Atelier held for children from “Lidhja e Prizrenit” Elementary School, Paskuqan



Heritage Atelier held for children from “Lidhja e Prizrenit” Elementary School, Paskuqan

This heritage atelier welcomed 25 fifth-grade children from the elementary school “Lidhja e Prizrenit” Paskuqan commune.

This time, the atelier was held in a special form. Children, accompanied by their teacher, school director, representatives of the “TRE MARIAT” Foundation and CHwB staff, visited the National Historical Museum’s new exhibition entitled “Museums Create Links”

The children saw on display different variants of “Xhubleta” and at the same time they were introduced to other elements of the national heritage. Almost all of the children already new about “Xhubleta” but hearing about its secrets was amazing for them, especially when explained so carefully by the expert of this field Luljeta Dano.


Luljeta Dano explains “xhubleta” secrets for the children

Thus the children learned that the white “Xhubleta” was worn by girls until their wedding day. A similar one was worn by Nora of Kelmendi, the national heroine who fought against the Ottoman occupation 400 years ago. The white “Xhubleta” was worn by girls, but once they married, they wore the bride’s “Xhubleta” which was selected by children as the most beautiful of all. Under the exhibition glass, children saw ornaments from the bride’s “Xhubleta” the bag (120 years old) filled with gifts from her husband’s family, linen embroidered in gold and silver and other household decorations that were used in those times.

Another ethnographic object that got the attention of the children was a line of old wool forks along the wall, one after another with different shapes and colors. One of the children told us “I have a wool fork at home, and know that is used to turn wool into yarn to then make different clothes. My grandmother explained that in some cases people plucked a tree branch and used it as a wool fork” Then the children heard the legend of the “The Three Ancient Women” which used the wool fork to set the thread of life for newborn children.

After the exhibition, the children were introduced to another part of the museum, which holds another important piece of Albania’s cultural heritage. They saw and were told about the mosaic that was in the outdoor space of the museum, one of the largest and oldest ones in the Balkans.

So from one story to another we left behind an exciting and educational afternoon for the children, who also received the “Xhubleta” booklet produced by CHWB as a part of the E Ka Kush E Ka collection.


During heritage Atelier at national museum

We would like to thank “TRE MARIAT” Foundation, representatives of “Lidhja e Prizrenit” Elementary School and the National Museum who contributed to organizing this activity.


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