Gjirokastra Children Introduced to “Xhubleta”

Atelier_Gjirokastra14 children and three educators from Kindergarten Nr. 6 in Gjirokastra participated at the heritage atelier organized on July 9 in the city of stone. Cultural Heritage without Borders – Albania decided to introduce the children to the booklet about xhubleta. After a short description about this traditional dress, one of the most beautiful costumes of our national art, the children started to draw the booklet according to what they saw and heard.

3With excitement in their eyes, the children began to color the booklet in order to show it to their friends at the kindergarten and their families at home.

Viki showed a particular talent in drawing. When we talked to her, Viki said that she had already seen some traditional dresses at her friend’s house. “I’ve seen traditional dresses before because my friend has a similar one. I didn’t see dresses from northern Albania. That’s the reason that I want to color it carefully and show it to my mother,” she said.

4Angjele was very curious.  After taking the xhubleta booket home, he came back to the kindergarten to ask a very important question. “I enjoyed it very much. Especially the male dress. After finishing with it, can I also draw the houses please?” he asked. This makes us happy because one of the major objectives of the E Ka Kush e Ka children’s series is to encourage children’s creativity and imagination by listening and drawing.

2For Bardha Aliko, the Director of Kindergarten Nr. 6, the heritage atelier was of great importance. “We have organized different activities, but none about heritage. It is of significant importance for the kindergarten and the children to have such activities,” she stressed.

The Heritage Ateliers are an initiative of CHwB Albania that aims to support children of different ages, parents and educators with appropriate educational methodology and entertainment.

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