Consultation process “Law on Cultural Heritage in Albania”

Recently the Ministry of Culture declared it’s willingness to cooperate with representatives of civil society organisations and private sectors for improving the Law on cultural heritage in Albania.The consultation process went through different stages including provision of information to the stakeholders and in organizing several meetings at the Ministry of Culture.

An open dialogue

Consultation process took place during April 2014 and enabled stakeholders with expertise in cultural heritage field to debate and give recommendations for the legal draft .From the other side government officials gathered feedback and inputs for developing and improving the Cultural heritage Law .

Thematic consultation process

  • Methods/Rules for  protecting and restoring cultural heritage
  • Relations between individuals in the administration of cultural monuments(private ownership) and the state institutions
  • Measures to protect cultural heritage from illegal actions(trade,building, destroying)
  • Role of national institutions in protecting & managing cultural heritage
  • Role of local authorities for protecting and promoting cultural heritage
  • Material cultural heritage , immovable heritage assets & movable heritage objects

CHwB, Albania as one of the main actors in cultural heritage field, took this opportunity to actively participate in the discussions, developing recommendations, and stressing the positive aspects as well as disadvantages  of the legal draft.

Tirane, April 2014


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