CHwB: 20 Years of Successful Development and Expansion

Booklet-Bridges-to-the-FutureThe shocking reports from the war in former Yugoslavia in the beginning of the 1990s told not only that people were killed, but also that monuments and other cultural symbols were being targeted for destruction as part of the warfare. In response to the need for protection and restoration of cultural monuments, an initiative was taken by individuals who engaged institutions and organisations in Sweden, in an active process to offer concrete solutions to save heritage in danger.

As a result CHwB was founded in 1995. A board was – and still is – appointed by ICOMOS Sweden, ICOM Sweden, the Swedish National Heritage Board and Swedish Association of Architects.  During the 20 years that have passed, CHwB has broadened and deepened its work considerably: geographically, financially, and in terms of methods and content.

As a neutral organisation CHwB has been able to work with different groups of various political, cultural and religious backgrounds, not only within civil society but also with municipalities and national authorities. A successful model has been developed by CHwB to establish platforms where representatives of different levels of society meet, listen to each other and together.

By 2009, a CHwB office was opened in Albania from where the Regional Restoration Camps are organised with institutions and organisations in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. A variety of activities are also carried out in Albania, including in the World Heritage site of Gjirokastra.

You can download the 20th anniversary booklet here!

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