Celebrating Universal Children’s Day with Heritage Atelier


The mosaic of Albanian traditional costumes is composed of thousands of elements, regarding their destinations, time, ethnographic zones and regions, etc. Undoubtedly, one of the most intriguing national costumes is the Fustanella. In order to rediscover this treasure, and through it, our cultural heritage, CHwB Albania has released the seventh booklet of “E Ka Kush e Ka!” Children Series:FUSTANELLA – Moda Shqiptare e Fustaneve për Burra.


On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day , CHwB Albania in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education in Gjirokastra and “Petro Poga” School in Lunxhëri organised a heritage atelier with the Fustanella booklet. 22 children, aged between 7-9 years old, became part of this activity whichhelped them to re-discover this ancient costume. The children took great pleasure in the activity, andexpressed a desire to pursue further projects of this kind.

In another activity with the Center of Autism in Gjirokastra, CHwB Albania organised an atelier with the puzzle of Kokobobo house ceiling. Fabjola, Kristi, and the other wonderful children of this centre had fun learning together, including the specialists and the CHwB Albania staff.

For a web sample of the FUSTANELLA booklet click here.

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