Apply to be a 2015 Camp volunteer


Are you a former Camp participant looking to stay involved with the Regional Restoration Camps? Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with a new group of eager participants?

CHwB is looking for volunteers to assist at this year’s Regional Restoration Camps. Camp volunteers will attend the full two weeks of the camp and assist with a variety of tasks to help make the experience as rewarding as possible for participants. They will help organizers, craftspeople and participants with issues of coordination, communication and guidance. Be sure you understand the duties and meet the eligibility and qualifications before applying!

Note: If you have never attended the CHwB Regional Restoration Camps, please apply as a participant, rather than a volunteer. Click here for more information!

Duties of a Camp Volunteer

A Camp Volunteer will work throughout the duration of the Camp to make sure that the event flows smoothly. Among other duties, Camp Volunteers will be required to:

  • Oversee the registration process at the start of the Camp (handing out materials and registering students)
  • Assist with communication and translation among Camp participants and craftspeople
  • Assist with purchase and transport of material necessary for work sites
  • Assist the group leader/craftsperson with any requirements related to the restoration work or group management on site
  • Document the ongoing restoration works and produce a short daily progress report
  • Assist with arrangements for group study visits (supervising group, checking tickets, etc.)
  • Keep lecture room in order—before, during and after lectures
  • Assist with final exam (monitoring exam, collecting exams and final evaluations)
  • Provide a link between the group and monument owner or visitors (be able to explain what is happening)
View of Gjirokastra, Albania

View of Gjirokastra, Albania

Eligibility & Qualifications Requirements

Please ensure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements listed below. RRC Volunteers must:

  • Be a former participant of a CHwB Regional Restoration Camp
  • Speak fluent English, as well as the primary language of the country where the camp is held: Albanian (for the Camps in Albania & Kosovo) or Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian (for the Camp in Serbia)
  • Be an honest, cheerful and efficient worker
  • Be a good communicator
  • Take responsibility for their actions

If you meet these requirements and want to dive back into the exciting and rewarding atmosphere of the CHwB Regional Restoration Camps, download the application below:


And return it before the deadline via:



CHwB Albania
Rr. Ismail Qemali
P. 34/1, Kt. III, Zr. 15

The volunteer application DEADLINE for each camp is below:

21st Camp: Gjirokastra, Albania / 9 – 20 May
Themes: Building conservation / heritage management / interpretation
Application deadline: 30 March

22nd Camp: Rogljevo, Serbia / 9 – 20 May
Themes: Building conservation / heritage for development  / interpretation
Application deadline: 30 March

23rd Camp: Gjirokastra, Albania / 9 – 20 September
Themes: Building conservation / heritage management  / interpretation
Application deadline: 10 July

24th Camp: Mitrovica, Kosovo / 9 – 20 September
Themes: Conservation of movable objects / interpretation
Application deadline: 10 July

CHwB will cover all in-country costs for volunteers, including accommodation, meal allowance, excursions, travel within the country and costs connected to volunteer duties. Volunteers coming from outside the country will have to cover their own costs for travel to the country where the camp is located.

Documentation in Rogljevo, Serbia

Documentation in Rogljevo, Serbia

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