A workshop to ring the alarm for Gjirokastra’s endangered cultural heritage

Gjirokastra Emergency Interventions Workshop

The emergency situation that Gjirokastra’s cultural monuments are facing was the focus of the workshop organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) and hosted in the Stone City, this Friday. Organized in the framework of the project “Gjirokastra, Where the Change Begins—Gjirokastra’s Monumental Houses”, financed by Prince Claus Fund through the Cultural Emergency Response (CER) Programme, the workshop focused attention on the many problems that cultural heritage faces in Gjirokastra.

Gjirokastra Emergency Interventions WorkshopElena Mamani, deputy head of office for CHwB Albania, did a summary of the current status of Gjirokastra’s cultural monuments and the interventions undertaken by this organization for the restoration of the city’s endangered monuments, most recently the Hadëri and Gurgai Houses. Discussions among the participants pointed out the causes and consequences of this situation, as well as some possible solutions. Participants noted that initiatives such as this workshop should continue in the future, as a way to hear the voice of the local community, as well as toll the bells for the danger looming over Gjirokastra’s monuments and cultural heritage.

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