The 16th Regional Restoration Camp Gjirokastra, ALBANIA

The 16th Regional Restoration Camp Gjirokastra, ALBANIA (26 april – 09 May 2014).

The 16th Regional Restoration Camp has started in the city of Gjirokastra, on 26th April 2014.

During two weeks of the camp in Gjirokastra 30 students and professionals from all over the Balkans and other countries will have the opportunity to learn and celebrate cultural heritage. The program of the camp combines theory lectures and practical work through restorative interventions in three different monuments by using traditional materials and techniques.

The Regional Restoration Camp aims to educate the young restoration professionals through hands on work and support the regional network of professionals by building relations among participants from different countries around the Balkans.


 Fixing the pictural layer on the decorated mortar ceiling in the 1st category monument Fico House, by means of Klucel and Japanese paper on the 1st category monument Fico House.April, Gjirokastra 2014.
Removing the upper parts of the wooding roof on the 2nd category monument near Hamam (Banjot e Meçites).Young professionals guided by a master crafts person, who teaches the correct techniques and ensures that the restoration work is of the highest quality.
April,Gjirokastra 2014
Presentation Stone in Historical Sturctures - Conservation ApproachPresentation “Stone in Historical Structures-Conservation Approach” Andrew Shepherd, Director of Building Conservation at the AASA, London.April, Gjirokastra 2014.


The 16th Regional Restoration Camp Gjirokastra, ALBANIA 26 April – 09 May 2014

16th Regional Restoration Camp program -Gjirokastra Albania


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