The cultural and natural interpretation of the Castle of Gjirokastra

The Castle of Gjirokastra was chosen to create an excellent model of interpretation not only for its prominence as a local landmark, but since it also presents a very interesting blend of cultural and natural features. This was the first time CHwB Albania did an intervention of this scale and of this kind. CHwB Albania started to develop the interpretive installations, with the help of a team of researchers, historians and interpretation consultants with input and feedback from two main local stakeholders: the Regional Directorate of National Culture, and the Fato Berberi Children Cultural Centre. As a result of this collaboration a total of 19 interpretative panels, nine orientation panels and 16 safety panels, as well as one banner and one interactive panel, together with handrails for two sets of stairs and lighting for three separate locations, were placed in the castle in 2018.  The most visited site in the city now offers detailed information on its history and its cultural and natural heritage, serving as an invitation to further explore the region. The design of the panels and the handrails and lights were placed to create a more accessible environment for all types of visitors.