The Tower C of the fortifications in Durres, the Tekke of Dolma & the Clock Tower in the Castle...› Read more
One day training with 14 volunteers and 2 full days spent in two different secondary public squares, with 2...› Read more
The Castle of Gjirokastra was chosen to create an excellent model of interpretation not only for its prominence as...› Read more
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Stories lived and narrated by women coming from different walks of life – ALL IN ONE BOOK. This is...› Read more
Cultural Herstory – Book
“Cultural Herstory” highlights the stories of two diverse groups of women: one from Albania and the other originally from Mexico. › Download (pdf, 2.66 MB)
Spaç Prison memorialization concept
CHwB’s longstanding commitment to Spaç has served as the basis for the development of a comprehensive and realistic memorialization concept that will guide the future efforts for this important site.
Taking action is more than a choice. It is a duty. › Download (pdf, 4.24 MB)
Annual Report 2018
› Download (pdf, 2.69 MB)