The Committee of CHwB consists of nine members representing both art historical as well as administrative competence. Six members of the Committee are appointed by the National Heritage Board, the Swedish National Association of Architects, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The other three are appointed by the Committee itself. The Committee also appoints the Chairman and Vice-chairman.

Board of CHwB has its headquarters in Stockholm.  The Board is working on a voluntary basis and meet five times a year.

 Ing-Marie Munktell, Ph.D, Museum Director

Medieval historian with 30 years experience in museum work in senior positions. As former director of the Museum Gustavianum / Uppsala University Museum, she has participated in several international networks of university museums.
Senior adviser at Uppsala University and is working on a book project about university museums. Board member since 1998, appointed by ICOM.

Mr. Andreas Heymowski, Architect SAR/MSA

Professor. Architect at The Royal Palace of Stockholm. Guest professor Building Conservation at Uppsala University.

Dick Sandberg, Architect SAR/MSA, secretary

Senior heritage consultant with focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Started and was manager for the CHwB office in Kosovo 2001-2008. Since 2008 adviser for the CHwB office in Albania. Castle Architect for the Swedish National Property Board since 2010 and lecturer at the KTH Architect Faculty since 2008. Member of the Swedish CHwB Board, representing ICOMOS.

Mr. Johan Mårtelius, Professor, Architect SAR/MSA

Active in the Cultural Heritage without Borders since 1995. Professor at Royal Institute of Technology - Architecture.

Magnus Olofsson

Senior Adviser at the Vasa Museum with over 30 years experience in museum work. Has worked with collections, teaching, exhibitions and everything in between. Has also worked for the Swedish National Heritage Board with issues concerning international heritage crimes. Boardmember of Swedish ICOM 2010-2016 and Board member of KuG since 2018, appointed by ICOM.

Pål Anders Stensson, Architect SA/SAR

Experience from architectural design, spatial planning and cultural heritage management in Sweden, North Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, East Europe, Cyprus, the Balkans and Central Asia. Experience from management of civil administration at local, regional and national level, project management, management of teams, post conflict reconstruction and consultancy.
Member of Unesco expert committees Iscarsah and Civvih.

Diana Walters

Diana Walters is an international heritage consultant. She has worked in over 30 countries mainly supporting individuals and organisations seeking to strengthening heritage and museums as agents of social justice, development, peace and human rights. She has a PhD in Museum Studies and regularly lectures and researches with colleagues at Gothenburg University, Plymouth University and Exeter University. She is a Fellow of the UK Museums Association and serves on the Ethics Committee. Diana has been working with CHwB since 2007 and has managed projects across the Western Balkans and East Africa.

Helena Westin

Works in the fields of cultural history and building conservation. Professional experience at Swedish National Heritage Board with focus on industrial heritage and heritage of modern society, as well as being Director of the Swedish National Police Museum. She has worked with strategic development at Stockholm City Museum, and now leads a project at the Stockholm City Archive. Has International experience in European Museum Forum. Boardmember of CHWB since 2018, appointed by ICOM.

Bosse Lagerqvist, Professor

Between 2012 and 2018 he was the Head of the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg. He received his doctorate in Conservation in 1997 with a thesis on photogrammetry and information management. His research interests today covers the industrial and maritime heritage, and the potential of heritage processes to overbridge societal conflicts. During the period between 2004-08 he combined university activities with an employment in the public organisation in the Region Västra Götaland for heritage management, working with industrial and maritime heritage. Between 2008 to 2012 he was the coordinator for the University of Gothenburg's strategic initiative to develop critical heritage studies as an interdisciplinary field of research. He spent the autumn semester 2018 on a sabbatical in Tirana, Albania, working with CHwB Albania and the University of Tirana.
Honorary members

Ms. Margareta Biörnstad, former Director-General

Founder of Cultural Heritage without Borders, Chair 1995-1999.

Sven-Erik Köhlin

Treasurer 1995-2015

Mr. Bengt O.H. Johansson, Professor

Chairman 2000-2006.