The Committee of CHwB consists of nine members representing both art historical as well as administrative competence. Six members of the Committee are appointed by the National Heritage Board, the Swedish National Association of Architects, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The other three are appointed by the Committee itself. The Committee also appoints the Chairman and Vice-chairman.

Board of CHwB has its headquarters in Stockholm.  The Board is working on a voluntary basis and meet five times a year.


From the left: Johan Mårtelius board member, Sven-Erik Köhlin treasurer, Ing-Marie Munktell chair, Lena Hejll secretary, Christer Gustafsson board member, Malin Myrin board member, Hanna Gårdstedt board member until June 2014. Gjirokastra, Albania 2013. Absent: Andreas Heymowski vice chair, Klas Grinell board member.



 Ing-Marie Munktell, Ph.D, Museum Director

Medieval historian with 30 years experience in museum work in senior positions. As former director of the Museum Gustavianum / Uppsala University Museum, she has participated in several international networks of university museums.
Senior adviser at Uppsala University and is working on a book project about university museums. Chairman of 'Peace house' in Uppsala. Member since year: 1999.

Mr. Andreas Heymowski, Architect SAR/MSA

Professor. Architect at The Royal Palace of Stockholm. Guest professor Building Conservation at Uppsala University.

Ms. Lena Hejll, Curator

Archeologist, also with textile education. Experience of working in various museums, including field archaeologist, curator, textile conservator and the last 20 years as head of exhibition productions. In connection with various projects she has had the opportunity to work internationally. Working at Historical Museum in Stockholm (since 2003). Board member and secretary since 2009.
Committee members

Mr. Klas Grinell, curator, contemporary world issues. New board member Dec 2013

Intendent focusing on contemporary global issues at the World Cultural Museum, Gothenburg. Associate Professor of the History of Ideas. Former tour guide in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Interested in Islamic intellectual history, traditions and religions, the standard criticism, Eurocentrism, prejudice, politics and equitable tourism. Member since 2013.

Mr. Christer Gustafsson, Ph.D. Professor

Professor of Building Conservation at the University of Uppsala. Honorary Professor at Nanjing University in China, and faculty member at the International Business School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Secretary General of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Economics of Conservation and retained as a heritage expert of European Commission. He was the country curator in Halland between 2005 and 2012. Member since 2012.

Ms. Malin Myrin, Ph.D Conservation Scientist

Appointed by mandate of ICOMOS Sweden, where she also is a board member (vice-chairman). Malin's research area is stone preservation, she obtained her PhD in 2006 at the University of Gothenburg. Malin is working as a project manager at the National Property Board in Stockholm with responsibilities including for the extensive restoration of the Stockholm castle facades. Member since 2008.

Mr. Johan Mårtelius, Professor, Architect SAR/MSA

Active in the Cultural Heritage without Borders since 1995. Professor at Royal Institute of Technology - Architecture.

Mr. Dzenan Sahovic, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor in Political Science and senior lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at Umeå University. Member of the EU project CRIC, Cultural Heritage, Identity and Conflict, where he led the research on the reconstruction of cultural heritage following the Balkan wars in the 1990s. Interested in politics of cultural heritage management in zones of conflict.
Additional members

Ms. Margareta Biörnstad, former Director-General

Founder of Cultural Heritage without Borders, Chair 1995-1999.

Mr. Bengt O.H. Johansson, Professor

Chairman 2000-2006.