Where we work

CHwB Sweden
CHwB was founded in 1995 as an indpendant Swedish non-governmental organisation. The head office is situated in Stockholm.
CHwB Albania
The CHwB Albania office opened in 2009 and has been active in restoration, community engagement and conservation training, including the establishment of the Regional Restoration Camps.
CHwB Bosnia-Herzegovina
The first CHwB office was opened in Sarajevo in 2000. Today, the staff here works with a variety of restoration projects and museum-related activities.
CHwB Kosovo
Since 2001 CHwB runs a local office in Pristina, where a project management organisation has been established with local architects, engineers urban-planners and economist.
CHwB also works outside of the Western Balkans. Currently projects in Belarus, Kenya and Syria are run by the Stockholm office.

Regional Programs
Restoration camps
The Regional Restoration Camps provide participants with engaging lectures and hands-on experience with interpretation, restoration and conservation, using traditional materials and techniques.
Balkan Museum Network
Founded in 2006, The Balkan Museum Network exists to celebrate, preserve and share the complex common heritage of the Western Balkans.