WILD – Women’s International Leadership Development
WILD is a professional development programme focused on leadership, coaching and team building. The WILD programme fosters a spirit of togetherness, confidentiality and sharing through learning mutual support. › Download (pdf, 948.21 KB)
Restoration Camp Guide
CHwB's Regional Restoration Camps are designed to give particpants solid theory, active hand-on engagement and life-changing personal interaction in an inspiring World Heritage context. 10Mb › Download (pdf, 9.88 MB)
Extracts From Kulturarv som et Aktiv i Byfornyelse
We have translated and published extracts from the Danish report 'Active Cultural Heritage in Urban and Rural Development' which highlights good examples from Kosovo; all of which are CHwB projects. › Download (pdf, 5.80 MB)
Velika Hoca – Bed and Breakfast
A brochure about four traditional houses in the Serbian enclave of Velika Hoca which have all been restored and now offer Bed and Breakfast accomodation. › Download (pdf, 1.00 MB)