Strategisk plan

STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 – 2019

Operational role: CHwB Sweden aims to be the networking platform of the CHwB family. The role of CHwB Sweden is to safeguard CHwB´s shared values, as presented in the Strategic Framework, as well as to initiate new projects within the CHwB family.

International Board: CHwB Sweden suggest that an International Board, consisting of the chairs of CHwB’s four core foundations CHwB Sweden, Albania, Kosovo and BiH, is established. Strategic matters, such as an expansion of the CHwB network, are to be discussed and decided by the international board. The Strategic Plans of the foundations are to be updated yearly and presented to the International Board for annual evaluation.

CHwB Sweden’s vision and strategic direction for the upcoming years are as follows:

  • To see CHwB expanded to new countries.
  • To develop the “Hands of Syria” project in cooperation with the CHwB family. The project might also have a link to Syrians in Sweden.
  • To work with Belarus, Moldavia, Georgia in upcoming projects.
  • To take action in Diyarbakir/Sur together with the international heritage world.
  • To support the Balkan Museum Network.

Further CHwB Sweden wants to be the “eye” on Cultural heritage at risk around the world, wherever our strong competence in existing networks could be used.