CHwB works with partners who are engaged in promoting cultural heritage as a right in itself and a resource.

We work with civil society and institutions at all levels that show a genuine interest in cultural heritage and has the understanding of how it will contribute to building democracy and human rights. The criteria for being a partner with us are the following:

•    Support the aspiration to the Hague Convention on the protection of cultural property in war;
•    Value the importance of creative professional partnerships in order to strengthen access and rights to cultural heritage across diverse communities;
•    Strive for local ownership and local solutions;
•    Prioritise work of capacity building and training;
•    Promote intercultural dialogue to build trust and understanding;
•    Show an understanding of the value of interpretation & communication for developing audiences and perspectives;
•    Follow democratic principles and the respect of human rights.

Please click on the links below to be redirected to our partners, both current and in the past:

Central level institutions in Kosovo:

Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Kosovo Council for the Cultural Heritage

Institute for Protection of Monuments of Kosovo

Archaeology Institute of Kosovo

Kosovo Museum

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Prishtina

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Prizren

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Peja

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Mitrovica

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Gjilan

Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage-Gjakova

Local level institutions / municipalities in Kosovo:

Municipality of Deçan

Municipality of Dragash

Municipality of Ferizaj

Municipality of Gjakova

Municipality of Gjilan

Municipality of Gračanica

Municipality of Hani i Elezit

Municipality of Istog

Municipality of Junik

Municipality of Kaçanik

Municipality of Malisheva

Municipality of Mamuşa

Municipality of Mitrovica

Municipality of Novobërdo

Municipality of Parteš

Municipality of Peja

Municipality of Podujeva

Municipality of Prishtina

Municipality of Prizren

Municipality of Rahovec

Municipality of Vitia

Municipality of Vushtrri

Religious communities:

Islamic Community of Kosovo

Serbian Orthodox Church

Local organisations:

Association of Architects of Kosovo

Balkan Promotion


EC Ma Ndyrshe

Europan Kosovo

Cyclist Federation of Kosovo

Kosovar Stability Initiative

Lëvizja Koha


Association for the Promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage – PRO Kult

Regional organisations:

South East European Heritage Network

Balkan Museum Network

International organizations:


Regional Environmental Center

Patrimoine Sans Frontières

PEM Consult

International Relief & Development

USAID Partnerships for Development

Adventures in Preservation

International and local educational institutions:

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”, Kosovo

Polis University, Albania

Metropolis, Albania

International companies:

In Your Pocket

Local companies:

Trepharm Pharmaceutical Company

Buka – Meridian

Lubeteni – water company

Princ Coffee House


Pilot bike


Medicine Hospital

Vipa Chips

Tango life

Bebeto fun island

Local media:



RTV 21

Klan Kosova

Tribuna Channel




Kosovo 2.0


Radio Vicianum – Vushtrri

In addition, CHwB Kosovo office, through direct small grants plays the facilitator, donor and supporter role for number of local non government organizations on expanding cultural heritage awareness in Kosovo. These include:

NGO Jefimija “Empowering woman community through cultural heritage”, Velika Hoča – 2005

NGO Jeta “Empowering woman community through cultural heritage”, Deçan – 2005, 2006

NGO Agimi “European Heritage Days in Kosovo “, Isniq (Deçan) – 2006

NGO Dokufest “International Documentary and Short Film Festival”, Prizren – 2006

NGO EC ma ndryshe ” European Heritage Days in Kosovo” – 2006, 2007, 2008

NGO Vizioni i shekullit 21, Deçan – 2007

NGO Mladi Talenti, Prizren – 2007

NGO EC ma ndryshe “Restoration camps with youth”, Deçan, Prizren – 2007, 2008, 2009

NGO EC ma ndryshe “Citizen Open Forums – Cultural hertiage and culturism”, Prishtina, Prizren – 2007, 2008

NGO Romano Anglunipe “Day of Roma community” – 2009

NGO Orta “Publication of leaflets for cultural heritage”, Isniq (Deçan) – 2009

NGO Multimedia “Theatre project Leke Dukagjini´s Canon” – 2009

NGO EC ma ndryshe “Strengthening citizen participation in cultural heritage decision-making”, Prizren – 2009

NGO EC ma ndryshe “Publication: Prizren on rear-view mirror”, Prizren – 2009

NGO Village Development Council Bed and breakfast“, Velika Hoča – 2010

NGO X40 “Illustrated maps for the historical zone of Prizren”, Prizren – 2010

NGO Pen “Youth in Action on Cultural Heritage Protection” – 2010

NGO Jefimija “Handicrafts courses for women and girls”, Velika Hoča – 2010

NGO Shtjefen Gjeqovi “Photo exhibition of ethno-heritage of Prizren, Dragash and Mamusha”, Prizren – 2010

NGO Open Door “Artisans Fair”, Prishtina – 2010

NGO FTDD Dea Dardanica “Animation film for protection of cultural heritage”, Prishtina – 2010

NGO SHMP Shqiponjat “Promotion of cultural and artistic values in the region of Prizren, city ensembles, ethnography, crafts etc”, Prizren – 2010

NGO Elita “Retrovizori Exhibition” – 2010

NGO Legjenda ” Cultural heritage & Youth ” – 2010

NGO Vizionida “Awareness campaign on cultural heritage”, Shtimje – 2010

NGO Theatre Lab Loja “Theater performance: Blood blouse”, Prishtina – 2010

NGO Community Building Mitrovica “Divided Cities Forum annual conference”, Mitrovica – 2010

NGO EC ma ndryshe ” Culture volunteers”, Prizren – 2012

NGO The Ideas Partnership “Learning about my culture, learning about others”, Fushë Kosova – 2013

NGO Rrasa e Zogut “Days of Gjeravica”, Junik – 2013

NGO N’GO “Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage through art of music”, Prizren – 2013

NGO Classic Wave “Classic Music Festival”, Prizren – 2013

NGO Children for Tomorrow “The past speaks for the future”, Gjakova – 2013

NGO Žene za žene za invaliditetom “Cook book”, Prizren – 2013

NGO Podguri “Promotion of tourism through cultural and natural heritage”, Istog – 2013

NGO Professional Cyclist Association “Tour de Culture”, Ferizaj and Kaçanik – 2013

NGO Natyra “The pehlivans’ (traditional oil wrestling) and horseback riding tournaments and traditional fair”, Dragash – 2013

NGO Local Youth Action Council of Kaçanik “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Kaçanik – 2014

NGO Lëvizja Koha “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Vushtrri – 2014

NGO Qendra e Gruas Ato “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Vushtrri – 2014

NGO Renesansa “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Dragash – 2014

NGO Qendra “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Dragash – 2014

NGO Literary Club Gjon Nikollë Kazazi “Poetry Meeting”, Gjakova – 2014

NGO Neo Musica “Lyra Fest”, Gjakova – 2014

Mezzo-soprano Flaka Goranci “Guide through the songs”, Gjakova – 2014

NGO Time Out “Jumping off from the Saint Bridge”, Gjakova – 2014

NGO Bashkohu edhe ti “Sofra festival and summer cinema at the Grand Bazaar”, Gjakova – 2014

NGO National Comedy Festival “Komedia Fest”, Gjakova – 2014

NGO Youth Council of Rahovec “Let’s recognize our cultural heritage”, Rahovec – 2014

NGO Natyra “The pehlivans’ (traditional oil wrestling) and horseback riding tournaments and traditional fair”, Dragash – 2014

NGO Youth Initiative of Parteš “Supporting cultural and artistic associations with funds to purchase traditional costumes”, Parteš – 2014

NGO Association for the Promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage – PRO Kult “Establishment of Tourism Office within Grand Bazaar”, Gjakova – 2014

Ethnological Museum of Vushtrri “Enriching the library museum with literature on cultural heritage of the country and the region”, Vushtrri – 2014

NGO Art Studio “Colony of artists: art and cultural heritage”, Rahovec – 2015

NGO Youth Parteš Activity & NGO Eco program Kosovo “Glavičica Etno Fest”, Parteš – 2015