The Conservation Plan of Vushtrri starts to be drafted

vushtri cons plan 01

CHwB in cooperation with the Municipality of Vushtrri have started to draft the Conservation Plan of the historic centre of Vushtrri city. The Conservation Plan will include the area of the ‘triangle’ of three main monuments of this city: the Stone Bridge, the Hammam and the Castle, the area which has been identified as the historic centre in the Vushtrri Municipal Development Plan.

This project is part of the priorities of the Local Cultural Heritage Plan of this municipality. This plan was drafted by CHwB, the Municipality of Vushtrri and other central level institutions in the framework of the Program of Local Cultural Heritage Plans and is co-financed by the Sweden, through CHwB and the Municipality of Vushtrri.

The document of Conservation Plan will contain provisions for the preservation of cultural heritage and guidance for its development. It is planned to be completed in the first half of 2016.

For a long time, ChwB has been working in this municipality. Among the important projects implemented so far are “The preservation and protection of Vushtrri Castle” and “The restoration of Hammam in Vushtrri“.

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