Our team


Sali Shoshi

Executive Director

Sali has worked at CHwB since 2001, starting as an assistant architect, continuing as a Project Manager for the restoration of 5 kullas in Kosovo, a project that ended in 2004. As an Executive Director he is responsible for working closely with a long list of national and international donors, partners and organisations, as well as local institutions and civil society. He has spoken across the world about topics relevant to the Kosovo context such as heritage, reconstruction and reconciliation in conflict and post-conflict situations, while extending the close working relationship between Scandinavia and the Balkan countries.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@i1594649935hsohs1594649935.ilas1594649935

Nol Binakaj

Deputy Director, Leader of the Program ‘Local Development through Cultural Heritage’

Nol Binakaj graduated as a Diploma Engineer of Architecture, at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, in 2005, and also completed a specialization on Conservation and Management of Historic Buildings, at the Lund University, Sweden, in 2008. From September 2005 he started working as a junior architect at CHwB, respectively on the conservation and restoration of the Hadum Mosque in Gjakova, Kosovo. Since then he has been appointed as a Program Manager and Deputy Head of Office, leading projects focused on conservation and adaptive reuse of numerous major public and religious buildings in Kosovo, including, among others: Preventive interventions and structural consolidation of the 15th century Great Hammam in Prishtina; Conservation and restoration of the City Hammam in Mitrovica, a project funded by the UNESCO; Conservation of the 14th century Orthodox Church St Saviour in Prizren, in cooperation with the French NGO “Patrimonie Sans Frontieres”, a project funded by UNESCO. From 2012 until 2015 he led the team for documentation and implementation of 70 cases of Preventive Interventions of buildings at risk throughout Kosovo. Currently, he coordinates the program related to the utilization of cultural heritage for socio-economic development.


Member of docomomo_international since 2016.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@j1594649935akani1594649935b.lon1594649935

Naim Uka

Financial Advisor

Naim has been responsible for the finances, analysis and accounts of CHwB since 2001. Prior to this he worked in the finances, budget and administration departments of a number of international organisations in Kosovo including UNOPS, CARE International, IRC and Intercoop. As an economist with many years experience he was also a Credit Analyst for Trade of Kosova and Chief of Finance for the Factory Amortizeri.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@a1594649935ku.mi1594649935an1594649935

Ardita Dobroshi

Head of administration

Ardita started working at the CHwB office in Prishtina in September 2005 as an Administrative and Finance Assistant, and is responsible for all the administrative duties of CHwB operations and projects in Kosovo. She also provides assistance to Financial Advisor. Before joining the CHwB team, Ardita was involved in different administrative and office related duties at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (ICMM) and at KPMG in Prishtina.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@i1594649935hsorb1594649935od.at1594649935idra1594649935

Kaltrina Thaçi

Cultural Heritage Expert

Kaltrina is a Conservation Architect, working at CHwB since January 2012. Kaltrina graduated at the University of Prishtina, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2009. She completed the postgraduate studies in 2011 at Kingston University London, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and was awarded MSc with merit in Historic Building Conservation. Prior to working at CHwB, Kaltrina was a freelance architect with 7 years of experience in architectural design and worked at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning at the permits sector. At CHwB, Kaltrina was engaged in drafting the conservation, interpretation and management plans for Vushtrri Castle, Hammam and Prizren Castle. In addition to that, she was the project manager for the Conservation Plan of Vushtrri Historic Center, Prince Claus Fund emergency intervention projects and as a coordinator of the Emergency Program implemented in 50 buildings in Kosovo. Lately, she has also been engaged in interpreting heritage sites and museum collections.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@i1594649935caht.1594649935anirt1594649935lak1594649935

Alban Morina

Leader of the Component ‘Community Participation’

Alban is doing his Master’s degree in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina. His engagement in cultural heritage field started in 2012, with his participation in the training module “Conservation and Use of Built Heritage” in Vushtrri. Afterwards, he became an active part of CHwB team giving his professional contribution in Emergency Intervention Program, a project based on preventive interventions for heritage at risk. Furthermore, as a project assistant, he worked in preserving and developing cultural heritage, being part in the drafting of the ‘Regulatory detailed plan for the historic area of the Municipality of Vushtrri’, creating cultural heritage signage for this municipality, then leading the ‘Identifying the boundaries of the historic center of Prishtina’ project, as well as ‘Mapping of 870 cultural heritage sites in Kosovo’, during 2016. Lately, he is working in creating an inclusive approach for the cultural heritage, within the component ‘Community participation’. In 2015, Alban was also a participant of the Regional Restoration Camp in Rogljevo- Serbia, and a scholarship recipient of European Forum Alpbach Scholarship in Austria.

Email:  moc.l1594649935iamg@159464993509ani1594649935romna1594649935bla1594649935

Arbenita Gashi

Leader of the Platform ‘Heritage Space’ 

Arbenita is completing the master studies at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. She started working at CHwB Kosovo in July 2015, initially as an intern in emergency interventions of Cinema “Lumbardhi” in Prizren and “Zatriq Mosque” in Rahovac. She was project assistant of “Regulatory detailed plan for the historic area of the Municipality of Vushtrri”, a project which presents detailed analysis of the existing condition and proposals for conservation and development. Finally, she is the team leader of the experimental platform “Heritage Space”, launched by CHwB Kosovo dedicated to young artists to develop their creative ideas for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. ”

Email: moc.l1594649935iamg@1594649935ihsag1594649935fatin1594649935ebra1594649935

Erinë Mulolli

Leader of the Component ‘Monitoring and Database’

Erina has graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Pristina, where she is currently pursuing her post-graduate studies in the same field. In 2014 she worked at the NGO EC Ma Ndryshe, as a monitoring officer at the Department of Urbanism in the Municipality of Prishtina. In addition, on a voluntary basis, she became the co-founder of the first library of the Faculty of Architecture in Prishtina. She has been engaged in CHwB team from 2013, first as an intern in the Program of Emergency Interventions and then in 2015 she began working as an architect and assistant in various projects. Since 2015 she leads the component “Mapping of Cultural Heritage Sites in Kosovo”.

Email: moc.l1594649935iamg@1594649935illol1594649935um.en1594649935ire1594649935


Migjen Berisha

Architect and Researcher

Migjen obtained a Master of Science Degree in Architecture, at the University of Prishtina, in 2013. In CHwB, he was involved as a student in 2011, in the project of adaptive reuse of Vushtrri Castle, while after graduation he was engaged full time in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings, respectively in designing the restoration projects, preparing bill of quantities and supervising the implementation of the interventions. Currently he is a researcher in the project “Mapping of Cultural Heritage Sites in Kosovo”, while he is also involved in adaptive reuse projects.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@a1594649935hsire1594649935b.nej1594649935gim1594649935

Besart Dajçi

Architect and Researcher

Besart graduaded at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Besart has worked at  Prizren office of CHwB since April 2007, involved in the restoration of various religious sites. He has also worked in the protection, restoration and documentation of vernacular buildings in Prizren and the wider western Kosovo region. Currently he is engaged in the project “Mapping of Cultural Heritage Sites in Kosovo” as a researcher and architect.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@i1594649935cjad.1594649935trase1594649935b1594649935

Merita Quranolli-Zekolli

 Architect and Researcher

Merita graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina. In 2004 she was engaged for the first time in CHwB as a student in the Conservation Plan of Drenoc (Decani). Afterwards she was part of the research group in the Conservation and Development Plan of the Historic Area of Prizren and in the visioning workshop of the Municipality of Hani I Elezit. In 2015 she has been engaged in CHwB in the program “Local Cultural Heritage Plans” in the municipality of Partesh, where she managed some of the construction works and the organization of traditional festivals. She is currently working as an architect and researcher in several program components of CHwB.

Email: moc.l1594649935iamg@1594649935illon1594649935aruqa1594649935tirem1594649935

Sokol Belegu


Sokol is a Master candidate in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina. He started working in CHwB as an intern in Preservation of Prizren Fortress. In November 2015 he started to work as an architect and project assistant of Adaptation of Prizren Fortress. Currently he is engaged in the project “Mapping of Cultural Heritage Sites in Kosovo” and “Cultural Territorial System (CTS)”.

Email: moc.l1594649935iamg@1594649935lokos1594649935ugele1594649935b1594649935

Berat Osdautaj

Logistic Officer

Berat has joined CHwB in 2002 as a logistic officer. He coordinates most of the project logistic functions that include the areas of supply, transportation and office vehicle maintenance.

Email: gro.b1594649935whc@j1594649935atuad1594649935so.ta1594649935reb1594649935