Tahoun project

The Tahoun Project built on a partnership between CHwB Sweden, Kosovo and Albania, the Lebanese NGO, Association for the Protection of the Jabal Moussa (APJM), and the EAMENA project, Oxford University. It was granted funding from the SI Creative Force programme June 2018 to December 2019.

The Tahoun project idea grew from the critical need to increase local awareness and capacity in the Jabal Moussa reserve to of historic and natural landscapes as culture heritage resources and to connect its communities with their history.

Also, rural heritage preserves highly adaptive and sustainable ways of land and water resource management that could promote future sustainable rural development.

The Tahoun team, composed of international and local expertise and experience in the areas of cultural landscape management and documentation and restoration provided an informed window on best practice and real needs and realities to benefit local heritage professionals, crafts people and communities to become active in the preservation of this currently endangered heritage in the APJM reserve.

The target group’s involvement took place at every stage of the project by means of discussions and hands-on participation in field surveys, trainings, conservation work, update of information on signs in the reserve tracks and finally also an exhibition about the history and heritage of the reserve, instructing local communities on how to identify heritage resources and how to preserve them.


Houses in Buyut

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