Our work would not be possible without our great partners and friends, organisations and individuals who are strongly dedicated to protection and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud to have worked with amazing cultural heritage experts across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region.

Partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

Agency for Cultural Historic and Natural Heritage and Tourism Development of Town Jajce 

Agency Old Town Mostar

Bosniak Institute – Foundation Adil Zulfikarpasic

Commission to Preserve National Monuments


Foundation Mozaik

Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Museum of Republika Srpska

Museum of Sarajevo

Museum of Tesanj

National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic Institute for protection of cultural-historic and natural monuments of Republika Srpska

US Alumni in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tourist Assosiation Old Town Stola

Zenica City Museum

Regional partners:

Balkan Museum Network

SEE Heritage Network