Seminar: Conservation of modern materials – CONCRETE

As part of the project “Study of conservation and restoration management plan of the building of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina” supported by the Getty Foundation through the program “Keeping It Modern”, the Cultural Heritage without Borders Foundation and the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a one-day professional seminar on Conservation of modern materials: CONCRETE.

When was it made and how was concrete used? What tasks did concrete fulfil, and what challenges it still faces today? How do we approach the protection and restoration of concrete in the built heritage? What are the good and bad examples from the practice of working with concrete?

The lecturer at the training was Dr David Farrel, an expert in practice with many years of experience in working with concrete and co-author of the manual “Practical conservation in construction: concrete” from the edition of professional manuals published by English Heritage in Great Britain. Dr Farell holds a PhD in corrosion engineering. He was the director of the Inspection and Supervision Department at the Industrial Corrosion Protection Center. Currently, he is the CEO of Rowan Technologies Ltd, which is a project consultant for English Heritage. He worked on numerous research and development projects on reinforced and massive concrete structures of architectural heritage.

The seminar was held on October 1, 2019 (from 10:00 to 15:00) in the building of the History Museum of B&H.

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