«Make It Yours!» a Toolkit for High schools and Cultural Institutions

The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders Bosnia and Herzegovina (CHwB B&H) has issued an educational toolkit on cultural heritage titled “Make It Yours Cultural Heritage of B&H”. The primary users of the toolkit are high schools and  various cultural institutions, primarily museums.

The main purpose of this toolkit is to encourage young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to think about the universal and common cultural heritage, its preservation, protection and promotion. We believe that the usage of this toolkit will contribute to the increasing awareness among young people about the importance of cultural heritage and develop their sense of responsibility towards its preservation,” said Arijana Mandić, a program manager at CHwB B&H.

Ucini-svojim_sazetak prirucnikaThe toolkit is part of the «Make It Yours!» project, that has been funded by the European Union. Ten chapters of this toolkit cover topics related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and different methods in cultural heritage preservation.

Authors of the toolkit are prominent experts in the field of heritage and museology as well as outstanding craftspersons : Amra Hadžimuhamedović, Lejla Hadžić, Amila Smajović, Asja Mandić, Tatjana Mijatović, Marinela Šumanjski, Lejla Kodrić Zaimović, Amra Šarančić Logo, Damir Imamović and Lejla Radončić.

“Make It Yours Cultural Heritage of B&H” toolkit is available upon the request in an electronic form in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian language.

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