Industrialization in progress: Workshops in high schools

As part of the project “Industrialization in progress” which aims to raise awareness of the importance of industrial heritage for society through local and international cooperation, the Cultural Heritage without Borders BiH (CHwB BiH) designed, organized and conducted workshops, in six high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The high school students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the industrial heritage at the workshops, and after the workshops they continued to work on creating part of the content for the traveling multimedia exhibition that is part of this project.

In cooperation with teachers and pedagogues of secondary schools in Mostar, Bihać, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Zenica, workshops were organized consisting of two parts. The first part of the workshop consisted of an introductory lecture on industrial development and the importance of the local industry of the city in which the high school is located. The second part of the workshop was practical and creative work through which students had the opportunity to learn more about the industry of their city and the industry of other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The workshops were held in the period from November 7 to November 27, 2019. Together with teachers and pedagogues, 99 high school students were actively involved in researching local industrial heritage and creating some content for the traveling multimedia exhibition “Industrialization in progress.” To facilitate communication, a Facebook group “Industr (i) ja” was created as opportunity to get additional information about the activities within this project, to exchange experiences in preparing part of the content for the exhibition and to expand their knowledge about the industrial heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the world. Workshops in secondary schools, with the support of the CHwB BiH team, teachers and pedagogues from secondary schools, were led by educator and museum pedagogue Lejla Agić, an external associate of CHwB BiH.

The project “Industrialization in progress” is funded by the European Union. More details about the activities carried out within the project “Industrialization in progress” and about the workshops organized in high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found on the official Facebook page of CHwB BiH.

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