Our team

Adisa Džino Šuta

Head of Office

Architect and program manager working for CHwB since 2007.
In February 2014 appointed as a Head of Office.
For me heritage is living force, rooting us in our past and inspiring us to shape our future. I believe that all of us are finding piece of ourselves in it by rediscovering and reinterpreting it over and over, as heritage is integral part of our lives.

Aida Mia Alić

Community Outreach Officer

Aida is a communications professional with over 15 years of work experience. She has worked for regional and international organizations in the fields of media, transitional justice, human rights protection, culture, and cultural heritage. Aida is experienced in interpretation, writing, storytelling, multimedia production, project design, exhibitions, and is an author of several publications. Aida joined CHwB in July 2014.

Ada Hamidović

External Associate

Ada holds a BA degree in Economics. She has been working in NGO sector since 2011. The scope of her work includes managing project and financial administration, as well preparation of financial reports for different donors. Beside her professional orientation towards finance, she very much enjoys culture and art and feels responsibility and commitment towards human rights. Ada joined CHwB team in July 2016.

CHwB friends and family members


CHwB has developed thanks to a large number of former employees and interns who invested creativity and energy in the promotion of our work and protection of cultural heritage.

Immense gratitude goes to everyone individually!

Aida Vežić

Employee from February 2012 to September 2018

Aida joined CHwB as a project manager. She was responsible for the development of museum cooperation and the Balkan Museum Network. Aida enjoyed designing new projects aimed to safeguard cultural heritage, increase the access of museum institutions and advocating equal access to culture and cultural heritage. Aida finished Faculty of Economics at the University of Sarajevo and Master Program “Cultural Projects for Development“ at the University of Torino and International Labour Organisation.

Arijana Mandić

Employee from June 2014 to November 2017

Arijana is an architect by profession, dealing with cultural heritage aspects since 2006. She has been closely involved in many different activities and projects related to restoration, conservation and preservation of destroyed cultural heritage. “I believe that our cultural heritage represents irreplaceable source of life and inspiration.  Cultural heritage is something you deal with passion or you do not deal with at all!

Aida Salketić

Employee from November 2013 to February 2017, external associate until April 2018

Aida Salketić worked mostly with museums, on issues of human rights, diversity and peace building through cultural interaction and by connecting people. Aida holds a master degree in Art History and Literature from the University Sarajevo and she is a Fulbright research fellow alumna from University of Oregon.

Halid Lepan

Intern from November 2013 to July 2014

Due to my similar field of study (archaeology), my internship in the CHwB has contributed to a better understanding of the situation regarding cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the archaeological heritage.  The actual internship in CHwB has helped me get a scholarship for further education outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I think that cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the ‘identity card’ of the country as well as of each individual who lives in it. Because of the diversity and richness of our cultural heritage, I think it is important to keep telling that it belongs to everyone who is living and those who will live.

Vanja Vuković

Employee from June 2014 to September 2015

Working for CHwB expanded my knowledge of finance, but I was able to gain knowledge about the processes of preservation and restoration of cultural heritage monuments, as well as a broader understanding of the issues regarding the protection of cultural monuments in BiH.

Conservation and protection of cultural heritage contributes to preserving the identity of people living in BiH and also helps create a better image of our country– one that is known for its many cultural monuments and not just by conflict and destruction, which is unfortunately often emphasized.