Starting in the 20s and developing until the end of 80s of the last century, the architecture and urbanism of the modernist era spread through cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their reflections in contemporary...› Read more
As part of the project “Study of conservation and restoration management plan of the building of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina” supported by the Getty Foundation through the program “Keeping It Modern”,...› Read more
The research of the memorial and museum heritage dedicated to World War II in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the framework of the WWII MonumentSEE project, Assessment of post-World War II monuments in South-East Europe,...› Read more
Assessments for developing a new regional tourism product/ cultural route of post-World War II Monuments in SEE. Among the 12 grants awarded by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) from the European Union Fund, the...› Read more
In the Regional Museum of Goražde, from April 8th to 13th 2019, a specially designed program (Museum LAB)was held for people who work in museums and with museums. The aim of this program was...› Read more
Modern architecture, as one of the defining art forms in the architecture of the 20th century characterized by innovative forms liberated from traditional structural requirements and use of new experimental materials, is today at...› Read more
The museum is located in a small industrial town with one of the Bosnian UNESCO world heritage sites (necropolis with medieval tombstones – stećci) that is placed in the valley of Drina and near...› Read more
Interior conservation and restoration of the wall paintings of Ferhadija Mosque and capacity building of local experts were undertook with an aim to restore this national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Achieved results of...› Read more