“Saving What Matters” is a cross Atlantic project that gathers university students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States of America around cultural heritage. The project aims to educate and inspire future young...› Read more
Photo and video campaign “Odmotaj film” (Unroll the Film) aims to promote valuable contribution of national minorities to the rich and diverse heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 17 national minority groups recognized by the...› Read more
The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina has created a series of educational workshops and didactic materials for pre-school children to present the rich and diverse cultural heritage. During this project,...› Read more
Every person contributes to cultural diversity of a society. Unique folklore and traditions, specific knowledge and language, crafts and materials of different cultures are valuable assets to all humankind. Diverse heritage enriches the quality...› Read more
In the small municipality of Kreševo in Central Bosnia, CHwB BiH in partnership with dm drogerie markt will implement a project titled “Stećko’s magical park”. It will take place in the “Happiness” kindergarten in...› Read more
Following the idea of the importance of promotion rich and common cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) organized on 24th September 2016 a unique activity called “Tour de...› Read more
The Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders Bosnia and Herzegovina (CHwB B&H) has issued an educational toolkit on cultural heritage titled “Make It Yours Cultural Heritage of B&H”. The primary users of the toolkit are...› Read more