Stećko’s Magical Park

In the small municipality of Kreševo in Central Bosnia, CHwB BiH in partnership with dm drogerie markt will implement a project titled “Stećko’s magical park”. It will take place in the “Happiness” kindergarten in this town.

The main storyteller of this project is Stećko, a noble and brave guardian of our common and diverse heritage. Stećko will teach children about the importance of our heritage, its preservation and protection and the importance of recycling.

This project is consisted of a special designed park and a creative workshop for children inspired by different cultural, historical and natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A hundred-years old mills, Roman and Ottoman bridges from different parts of the country, common folklore, stećci (ancient tombstones), as well as traditional crafts and traditions of Kreševo were inspiration for the elements in the park and the creative workshop.

In order to spark interest among children for our common cultural wealth, at the workshop different 3d models representing important heritage sites will be used as educational tools along with special designed book about cultural heritage.

Volunteers from dm drogerie markt, CHwB, and children’s parents will help in building this park.

This is the first park of this kind that CHwB plans to built in Bosnia and Herzegovina.