Balkan Museum Network

The Balkan Museum Network is an informal platform for exchange, dialogue and promotion for museums in the western Balkans. It runs through an internet platform where members can post information. The BMN is currently facilitated by Cultural Heritage without Borders and was formed after the highly successful ‘1+1: Life & Love Simultaneous Exhibition’ in 2011 with the 11 core members. In 2013 the Network was enlarged, and is constantly growing, soon to become independent NGO.

Information is shared through updates on the web site and the associated Facebook page.


  • Strengthening museums and the museum and heritage professions in the Balkans through capacity building.
  • Museums are valued and used asd a resource and actor in civil society
  • The BMN is a strong platform for cooperation and collective advocacy for museums as institutions and the people that work in them.

Implementation partners:

Museums from the Western Balkans


  • Government of Sweden
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation