stecko background
In the small municipality of Kreševo in Central Bosnia, CHwB BiH in partnership with dm drogerie markt will implement...› Read more
Following the idea of the importance of promotion rich and common cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Foundation Cultural...› Read more
  Three CHwB foundations (CHwB Albania, CHwB Bosnia and Herzegovina and CHwB Kosovo) have joined forced to build on...› Read more
Bastina u koferu
A series of educational activities for children in kindergartens will be held within a project titled “Heritage in a suitcase.”...› Read more
Make It Yours Cultural Heritage of B&H
"Make It Yours Cultural Heritage of B&H" is educational toolkit about cultural heritage. It is available in BCS upon the request. › Download (pdf, 3.34 MB)
Bridges to the Future – Project presentations
24 highlighted projects are presented in annexes of the Bridges to the Future publication. Take a look at examples of CHwB work across the world. › Download (pdf, 16.67 MB)
Bridges to the Future
CHwB has been dedicated to preservation, protection and promotion cultural heritage across the globe. This brochure brings the most interesting information about the first 20 years of work. › Download (pdf, 3.06 MB)