The “E Ka Kush e Ka” series seeks to include children and adults in a series of books and games through which they discover and rediscover cultural heritage as a bridge, linking us to...› Read more
September 29 marks the National Day of Cultural Heritage—the day when we all respectfully commemorate restorers, architects, researchers, and scientists, folklore handlers and handicraftsmen, who have contributed in shaping and studying our heritage, to...› Read more
After 26 months and an investment of 84.000 Euros, the mediaeval city of Kruja reclaims today its castle’s hammam, a cultural monument of the highest category and an attraction for potential tourists. The Swedish...› Read more
The public bath has long been an important element of social life in this region. From Roman baths as places for meetings, exercise and exchange to Ottoman-style baths housing a space for chat, intrigue and...› Read more